Baboons, camels, and elephants. Oh my!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A.M. and I just got back from paying my brother a visit up in Waterloo and I must say, there's some sweet, sweet "safari" action to be had up there.  

Saturday night, when A.M. and I arrived at Waterloo we managed to get completely lost looking for hotel and ended up in a random cornfield outside of Cambridge.  While we were driving around trying to regain our bearings (because somebody wouldn't call the hotel to get directions despite the fact that somebody else was admittedly bitchy about being lost and not being able to call when he was driving), we saw a sign for the African Lion Safari.

The next day, after we had a lunch that might be best described as a bought of marathon power eating, we decided it would be fun to load up into my Ford Focus and go see what we assumed would be a comically crappy wildlife preserve.

However, when we got there we were pleasantly surprised, we had assumed that there wouldn't be much at the "safari" but instead they had pretty much every animal that I might want to see.  Moreover, they were running loose and were actually apt to wander up dangerously close to the bus.

Indeed, I was waiting for a beast of some sort to break through the window and steal a child.

Alas, no children were eaten but as you can see above, A.M. got to pose with a camel (who tried to get a little amorous with her a couple of times) and my brother and I also got to ride on an elephant.  Given that it's always been one of my goals in life to ride a creature that could squish me at a whim, I was rather pleased with the trip.  Also, during this trip we got to see two baboons humping on top of a minivan.  

It might have been one of the best days ever!


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