Quick Thought: Why I like Obama

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Earlier in this election cycle, I was pretty neutral about the two candidates. Indeed, I even wrote a post about how I didn't think there was much difference when it comes to Obama and McCain. However, as the campaigns have progressed, I've changed my mind.

Now I whole heartedly support Obama. Why? Well, mostly for one reason. McCain is planning to tax healthcare benefits. You might ask, "What? You've never seemed to be a guy that's particularly adverse to taxes."

That's true, for the most part I don't think taxes are evil like some people do. I'm more than willing to pay taxes if I think they're going to something useful. If a tax is intended to support social programs, build and maintain infrastructure, finace public healthcare initiatives, or something like that then I'm more than happy to contribute.

However, McCain's proposal to tax healthcare benefits has nothing to do with funding programs. It's intended to defray the cost of preserving the Bush tax cuts for upper tier income earners. And I would rather have sexual congress with a goat than have my money going to pay for tax cuts for rich folks.


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