Quick Thought: Tonight's Debate.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Well, the debate just finished a little bit ago and I thought I would post my initial thoughts regarding it.  Maybe after I've thought about it a bit, I'll write something more substantive.

My initial impression is that the debate was largely a draw with John McCain maybe having the slightest bit of an edge (though, I believe that edge might be the result of not entirely accurately characterizing Obama's views and his voting history).  However, overall I think Obama actually came out on top.  

While McCain might have done a slightly better job in demonstrating that he has more foreign policy experience than Obama, no one really doubted that before the debate.  While I think Obama has a lot going for him, I must admit that I'm quite sure that McCain has more foreign policy and national security experience than Obama.

This being the case, that Obama was able to hold his own and demonstrate a lacuna in McCain's proposed policies and his rhetoric, really was a win for him.  Being able to demonstrate that McCain's focus on the surge in Iraq and his failure to address Afghanistan and the wider struggle to address terrorism, I think, gives Obama the clear edge.  To be able to hold his own on the debate on topic where he was clearly disadvantaged and further to be able to show where McCain is weak in an area where he's generally acknowledged as stronger, is definitely a win for Obama.


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