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Monday, October 13, 2008

In the last week or so, I've really come to like  The picture above is one of the reasons why.  

I really enjoyed how the guy holding the sign decided to frame the "against" with exclamations points on either side all Spanish-style.  I'm glad to see that the religious right is reaching out to hispanics.  


Fred said...

Hey Ding Dong. The guy in the sign is not posting spanish exclamation points. ¡¿Entiende?! He posted two english-language exclamation points to emphasize the word:


Geez. Talk about belittling people based on insuperior intelligence.

And I thought Hispanics are more about family than Gringos - afterall they use their Apellido de tu Mamá y de tu Papá in their last names to distinguish themselves due to similar names.

For Mestizos who were set upon and sired by the Conquistadores de España, you still sure do love being conquered and controlled by a Socialist Govt which Obama will provide for you.

Good luck.

C.K. Loo said...

Dude, it was a joke. I don't think you should be questioning my intelligence. I'm not the one that didn't understand obvious sarcasm.

Also, it seems that the current Republican administration has been far more socialist than an Obama administration would ever be. Nearly a trillion dollars in a financial bail-out, nationalizing banks and financial institutions left, right and center. That sounds pretty socialist to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think a touch of socialism is just what the doctor ordered.

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