My Thoughts Regarding Tonight's Debate.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My first impression was that tonight's debate was rather boring.  It seemed that neither Obama nor McCain were really all that willing to stray off script.  I found that they tended to speak in the same platitudes that they have through most of their campaigns and I thought they could have addressed the questions far more directly.

The only moment that I thought there was anything interesting said was when McCain talked about whether he thought that the economy would get worse or not before it got better and what he said regarding whether he thought Russia was again becoming the "evil empire".  He provided nuanced and rather thoughtful answers to both questions.

However, I'm not sure those two nuanced thoughtful answers is sufficient for me to give McCain the win.  The rest of the debate was so dreadful that I'm going to say that I think both McCain and Obama lost this debate.  To say it was a tie wouldn't express how disappointed I am in both of them.  There were several opportunities for both Obama and McCain to actually say something substantive but neither of them really took that opportunity.  That being the case, I will say again that I think they both lost.


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