Friday Random Ten: July 11, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

If the clock on the wall (or microwave as the case may be) isn't lying to me, it's Friday.  That being the case, it's time for me to spin up iTunes and present you with this Friday's random 10!  So without further ado.....

1.  "Fading American Dream" by The Streetdogs.
A.M. and I discovered the Streetdogs the year before last.  They were opening for Flogging Molly when Flogging Molly were playing Bogarts in Cincinnati.  Now the really impressive thing about the Streetdogs is that they managed to really impress both of us despite the fact that we had a terrible case of food poisoning when we went and saw them.  Three or four days before the show A.M. and I decided that it would be a good idea if we went and got some Popeye's chicken for lunch and for days after that we experienced some severe intestinal discomfort (aka we were pooping so badly we were wishing for death).  Yet despite the fact that occassionally we had to dash off to the bathroom, the Streetdogs really impressed us during their set.  I mean they impressed us enough that we bought every single one of their albums in the week following the show.

2.  "Fisticuffs" by Primus.
This is one of the two Primus songs that I know how to play (the other is Southbound Pachyderm).  There's not really all that much I have to say about Primus other than "Les Claypool kicks friggin' ass!".

3.  "Exile" by Slayer.

4.  "Issachar" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
I actually discovered the Bosstones back when I was 14 in Boston.  If I remember correctly, I was jogging with my grandfather in Boston Common and the Bosstones were playing an open air concert.  When I was younger my grandfather, who is an old airforce guy who is convinced that if you're not constantly working out you're going to end up all soft and incapable of defending the country when it needs you.  Such being the case, whenever I spent summers with him, I spent those summers getting up at 6:30 am to run and do push-ups before breakfast (which ended up being like 4 hours of exercise given that my family ate breakfast late).  Anyways, it was on one of those mornings, we saw the Bosstones playing for some sort of festival or something and I enjoyed their music so much that I bought one of their albums later that weekend.

5.  "See Water" by Beck.
Everyone knows who Beck is and everyone has listened to Beck, so there isn't much that I have to say about him.  However, what a lot of people have never listened to is some of the early Beck albums like One Foot in the Grave and Stereopathetic Soul Manure.  People really need to listen to them.  I would say that they're the best albums that Beck has ever released.

6.  "All I Need" by Radiohead.
Once I saw Thom Yorke beat up a guy during their concert in Calgary.  I'm not entirely sure what that guy did to piss of Mr. Yorke but whatever he did earned him a guitar in the head.  It was a good time. 

7.  "Straight A's" by The Dead Kennedys.
Dead Kennedys....  So good....  Jello Biafra is my hero.  There's nothing like old school punk.  Must shut-up and listen....

8.  "Slow Down Gandhi" by Sage Francis.
More slam poets need to become rappers.  Sage Francis rocks my world a little.  Listen to Sage Francis or you will be missing out.

9.  "The Horizon has been Defeated" by Jack Johnson.
Jack Johnson is one of my guilty pleasures.  I know he aims his music at 13 to 14 year old girls but I really like Jack Johnson.  I must admit, when I shower, more often than not, I'm singing Jack Johnson songs like "Bubble Toes" or "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing".  They're all such catchy, catchy songs.

10.  "Sherpa" by The Tragically Hip.
What can I say, the great Canadian band.  Well the great Canadian band other than the Corb Lund Band.  So maybe the great Central Canadian Band.  


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