Presenting to you: RANDOM CRAP WE LIKE!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Good morning blogosphere!  Because there really isn't enough blogs out there about stuff that you don't care about, we'd like to introduce you to our new offering: Random Crap We Like!

This will be a blog about, as the title might suggest, random crap that we like.  So expect to find posts about food, politics, higher education, philosophy, observations regarding stuff that catch our interest, and other sweet, sweet randomtacularity!  So without further ado, let me introduce you to the authors of this blog.

First we have C.K. Loo, the blogger formerly known as "Socialist Swine".  After two years of being on hiatus, he plans to retake the blogging world by storm.  Having spent the last 700 plus days doing stuff of consequence such as taking classes, exploring a new city, eating himself silly, getting tattoos, and the performing of various other activities, such as pooping and sleeping, that end up occupying the hours of the day, he's excited to waste some time writing about stuff that no one else cares about.

The next blogger that we would like to introduce to you is A.M. Conley.  She hails from the most awesome state of Ohio-dom.  Past time endeavors include bronchitis, car shopping, nose picking, de-crankifying and being monotone.  What C.K. Loo may have obviously failed to tell you is that they are an item.  Sometimes he forgets to mention that fact.  For example, it was his suggestion to make a blog together -- "A good bonding experience", he stated.  A.M. thought that was a good idea, "I love bonding!".  However, upon viewing the first entry that was all about him, she decided to be cranky and not add much else.  CK then went to delete the said entry all about his royal highness to further write another paragraph about himself that failed to document the most important thing in his life -- A.M.  For the record, A.M. would like to passive aggressively point out that he would mention sleeping and pooping but not the joys of monogamous bliss.  The internet really does change some people...


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I love blogs about stuff I don't care about~!!


Welcome back, CK.

C.K. Loo said...

Thanks for the welcome back!

Emily M said...

should have googled 'crapwelike' before starting your blog... we're there first!

anyway you want to rename? :)

C.K. Loo said...

Sorry about that, we've changed the name and hopefully coined a new word in the process!

em said...

YAY! blogwar is over.

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