It must be a quiet news day or something....

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been having a relatively lazy day so I've been watching more than my fair share of TV and I've noticed that the news channels seem to be all up in arms about the cover of the New Yorker (look to the left).  Now, I'll grant that I can see how this cover might be offensive to some people but what I don't get is how this is the primary issue that's being talked about on the news on the day that George W. Bush lifted the executive ban on offshore oil drilling.

It seems to me that the New Yorker magazine, while perhaps ill-conceived, is in the long run rather inconsequential.  So what?  A magazine posted a picture that they probably shouldn't have?  Really, is that going to in fact have any long term effects on this election?  Probably not, I bet in November no one, except for maybe pundits who need to package this election in a dramatic compelling narrative, is even going to remember that the New Yorker published a poorly thought out satirical cartoon on its cover.

On the other hand, I suspect that the lifting on the ban on offshore drilling is going to have notable and perhaps long term effects upon US energy, economic, and environmental policy.  If the lifting of the ban sticks, we can expect substantial degradation in the environmental conditions in the areas that will be affected by the drilling with very little benefits in terms of lowering gas prices are increasing the oil supply of the US.  If the Congress manages to prevent the expansion of offshore drilling then this might become a major issue in the upcoming Congressional elections.  Given how uninformed it seems that most people are regarding oil prices, energy policy, and pretty much anything to do with this issue other than being aware of how much they're paying at the pump to fill their SUVs, this might be the issue that opens the door that allows the Republicans back into the House.


A.M. Conley said...

While you make some "interesting" points about the news, I have to disagree about how you describe The New York cover as "inconsequential". The cover was pretty much over the top and those dipshits who published the cover have nothing intelligent to say except it "sparked conversations". Since you are sitting next to me on the couch, we can discuss in real time how everyone in America is pretty much a racist.

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